Lots of our customers own Apple devices and prefer to listen to the audio course using an iPad, iPhone, etc.  This works fine, but you must follow a simple process.

  1. Make sure you download the course using your computer (Mac or PC).
  2. Unzip the files as per normal.
  3. Add the files to iTunes (the same way you'd add any music to iTunes that wasn't purchased through the iTunes store)
  4. Make sure your iPad / iPhone synchronization settings are properly setup such that these audio files will be copied to your mobile device.

Please make sure you are aware that Apple does not permit you to download audio directly to your mobile device.  They only let you directly download files that you get from the iTunes store.  Since Talking To Toddlers this is not sold via iTunes you must synchronize the files separately.

On a Windows PC, "unzip" is also referred to as "extract" or "uncompress".  Here is a tutorial to help you if you're not sure what this means.  You should NEVER have to pay to buy any software to unzip files.