When you purchase Talking to Toddlers in digital format (audio download), the checkout process is handled by Clickbank.com.  As soon as your payment is made a few things happen:

  1. You'll get an email with your receipt from Clickbank.com
  2. You'll be invited to visit the download page, where you can download the course
  3. You'll get an email from us providing you with your download link (in case you need it later) 

When you download the Talking to Toddlers course you'll notice it's packaged as a ZIP file. If that sounds complicated, no need to worry.  It's just a nice way to package together all the audio files (and PDF documents) in a single file.  Once you download it, your computer can easily unzip the file into a folder with all of the individual files.

You can listen to the files any way you like, including:

  • Transfer the audio files to your smartphone or tablet
  • Make your own CDs (for those who prefer to use a CD player)
  • Listen straight from your computer